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Artan Center : Training Courses

Basic Training

Basic Military Training

This course is designed for both beginners and experienced shooters, the main objective of the course is to develop sustainable basic skills in handling handguns, safety measures and combat first aid.


Tactical Combat Casualty Care

This training course is developed on first aid assistance in the real conditions of warfare, special attention is paid to difficulties of first aid assistance in fire zones and temporary covers.


Maritime Security Operative

The main objective of this course is for trainees to get all the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to work as Maritime Security Officers.


VIP Secuirty Operative

On this course the trainees are being trained in the principles of close protection both in theoretical and field training.


Private Military Contractor

This course is focused to provide to trainees all the knowledge and skills as long as realistic scenarios in order for them to be able to work in hostile environment areas.


Close Protection Operative

The main target of this course is to provide to trainees theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to be able to work as Close Protection Officers in hostile environments.

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Designated Defense Marksman

This course focuses on giving to trainees the ability to familiarize with a sniper rifle and to be able to understand the work and responsibilities of a sniper.

Tactical Shooting

(Handgun / Rifle)

The main target of this course is to improve the trainee’s skills on pistol and/or rifle as it focuses on reaction time, fast shooting, accuracy and a variety of tactics.


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